Every time you donate money or time to Big Brothers Big Sisters you start something incredible in the life of a child; a one-on-one mentoring relationship built on friendship and trust that blossoms into a world of unlimited potential.


Your investment is needed to give a child a mentor and to provide professional support to each match relationship to ensure that it is safe and rewarding for everyone. We are experts at mentoring and we’re efficient with your dollars. We use volunteers and partner institutions to stretch your dollars further. You support returns many times the investment and is good for our community. Your donation means brighter futures, better schools and stronger communities throughout our county.


More children with a "Big" in our community means:

  • More of our community's children making positive life choices
  • More children doing better in school
  • More kids who get along better with their families and friends
  • Fewer children resorting to violence as a way to solve their problems


Big Brothers Big Sisters was selected by Forbes Magazine as one of its top ten charities.


In its 2003 survey of 200 large charities, Forbes Magazine selected Big Brothers Big Sisters as one of its top ten charities, making the publication's "gold star" list of charities which it believes are worthy of donor consideration. The magazine rated these non-profits on how efficiently they collect and distribute dollars, focusing on three critical categories: charitable commitment, fundraising efficiency, and donor dependency.


With your dollars:

  • We recruit volunteers and carefully screen each volunteer before pairing him/her with a child
  • We interview each potential Big, and each Little and their family
  • We maximize child safety
  • We provide each "match" with close support by a professional case worker
  • We provide family support, direct assistance, referrals and intervention services
  • We sponsor cultural / educational / recreational enrichment activities to expose children to healthy new experiences
  • We provide volunteers with orientation, training and enrichment opportunities to help them be more effective mentors
  • We organize group mentoring activities for children who are waiting to be paired with a Big Brother or Big Sister